The Satanic Processes Episode 4: PDCA

Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog

This series was originally for my Patreons. They have supported this series which is now available here.

In this episode, Aleister explains the PDCA approach as applied to the Satanic Processes.

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Reiki for Your Spirit Animal by Carrie Anderson

Witchcraft and More


During my metaphysical studies, I took a class on Animal Totems. I have always known that the animal that I have the most connection to is a coyote. So, it was no surprise, when following the meditation and directions to discover my animal totem, that a coyote appeared. Even my deck of Animal Medicine cards showed Coyote at the top animal for me. I have used Reiki in several ways to connect with Coyote. Whatever your spirit animal may be, I hope you can use these ideas as a way to strengthen your connection, too.

Even though Coyote is my spirit animal, I do what I can to understand and support coyotes that are here now. I read books on coyote behavior and life cycles. I support organizations that educate the public about coyotes. I donate to wildlife rehabilitation centers that rescue and release coyotes. I…

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🌌New Virgo Moon🌌

Divination by MiMi

September 6th, 8.52 PM EST @14 degrees of Virgo.

Key themes: Stepping into your power, quick transformation, meticulous planning and authenticity.

This Cazimi New Moon is a great time for setting intentions with themes of confidence, courage, attention to detail, transformation and being authentic. Because it is Cazimi ( conjunction so close it’s like the sun is inside the moon ) it is very powerful when you take action at the exact time and a ½ hour on either side of the time of the full moon.

This New Virgo Moon trines Uranus in Taurus. Both your identity and your feelings are true and authentic so dont ignore either. Be yourself and feel your feelings.

Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn during this Lunation and it brings up themes of courage , confidence and power. Mars in Virgo gets things done correctly. So a great time to write out…

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