Conjure, Sorcery and spells of all kinds.

Do you need help with Love, Money, Health, or legal problems? I can help. Send me an email with your issues at hand and I will perform the proper spell for you.

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Spell work of your choice.

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Oracle readings.

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Oracle reading

Oracle reading.


Student training in the Left Hand Path.

Do you have questions about Theistic Satanism or other branches of the Left Hand Path? Do you want to learn more and study with me? Or perhaps you just have a few questions you really want answered. I will teach you and coach you through simple lessons. Email me at… Serious inquiries only!

Student training

Student training.



Do you have questions about your spiritual path that you need help with? Then let me help guide you. I have over 20 years experience and I’m ordained. The price below is for a one hour session.