My Sparkles…

🌱A Witch, in her kitchen, enjoying the light of the setting sun🌞, can stir up a whole lotta Magick✨!

If you take a moment to sit in the setting sun, quiet your mind, lower your beating heart, and really look closely, you’ll begin to see the sparkles✨ of the normally unseen world.

You’re probably asking why this is so special. Well to a Witch, it’s special because that Is Magick at work – swirling all around you, connecting and enhancing your own Powers. Be sure to speak a word of thanks to the unseen world that interacts with you and let it know that YOU know that it’s there, and that you appreciate it.❤️

Affirmation: Magick is as real as I am!

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4 Fat Yoga Influencers Fighting Fatphobia on the Mat By Mary Fawzy

Not only is it possible to be fat and do yoga, it’s possible to master and teach it.

In the various yoga classes I’ve attended, I’m usually the biggest body. It’s not unexpected.

Even though yoga is an ancient Indian practice, it’s become heavily appropriated in the Western world as a wellness trend. Most of the images of yoga in ads and on social media are of thin, white women in expensive athletic gear.

If you don’t fit into those characteristics, it can be a mental battle to sign up in the first place. When I first stepped into a yoga studio, I questioned whether I’d be able to do it at all.

It’s not for people like me, I thought.

Still, something told me to do it anyway. Why shouldn’t I have a chance to experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga, just like everyone else?

The outlier…

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Weekly Horoscope Sunday, March 26, to Saturday, April 1, 2023

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All Signs

This is such a marvellous and upbeat week, when I saw this coming, I booked a little getaway. After all, timing is everything; and when the good times roll – you’ve got to rock! (My first and last impression of a daytime DJ). Everyone will want to seek out adventure this week. They’ll be eager to try new things. This is because we’re full of positive energy! Confidence is strong. Please note that Thursday is a particularly lovely day for romance. What is my little getaway going to be? Well, as someone who thinks outdoors is where the car is – I assure you I’m not a “back to the land” person. I’m all about “back to the hotel.” (If my kinda first date ever suggested a walk – there will be carpet.)

Aries (March 21-April 19)

This super positive…

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Messages from the afterlife.

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Goddess Gardening with a Green Witch BY Moody Moons

Anoint garden statues with spell oil, and other clever gardening ideas from a green witch.


Goddess gardening, or the art of creating a magical space in nature, is a holistic way to take your practice outdoors.

Join me on a journey through a green witch’s garden and get inspired to create a sacred space in your very own backyard.

From outdoor altars to spell gardens, there’s enough here to keep even the most ambitious gardener busy all spring!

Dig in the dirt, connect with nature, and get busy doing the most magical thing of all—making stuff grow.

Try a Spell Garden

Looking for a design idea that also serves your magical intentions?

Try a spell garden!

Pick an intention and design a garden around it.

For example, if you want more romance in your life, place a (affiliate link —->)garden statue of Venusin a sunny spot and surround it with rose bushes. Bury a piece of rose quartz near the…

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What Is a Mystic – And Can You Be One? By 2Spirits

What Is a Mystic

There are many ways of following the mystical path in our Universe. In essence, a mystic is someone who seeks a truth or insight that goes beyond what is typically understood to be part of the human experience. He or she might or might not have received the insight they are seeking, and they might or might not have been initiated into any number of spiritual or religious mysteries. The shared quest for a transcendent truth that goes beyond purely intellectual thinking or knowing is what binds all such individuals together.

What Is a Mystic - Witch and Mother Earth

According to common perception, a mystic is typically someone who engages in esoteric activities or studies magic or the occult. Although those who engage in these behaviors may self-identify as such, not all of them involve such behaviors. It is challenging to define mysticism in terms other than the search for transcendent truth because it…

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes? By Patti Wigington

Close up portrait of woman with snake on head
len4foto / Getty Images

We’ve all had weird and unusual dreams before, and it’s believed that elements of our dreams are keys to our subconscious. Most dream experts agree that the meanings of animals in dreams vary based on what the animal is doing and how you feel about it. Let’s take a look what dreams about snakes can mean in your life.

Did You Know?

  • Some dream experts think that creative and spiritually aware individuals tend to experience snake dreams more often.
  • In many cultures, serpent mythology is strongly tied to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
  • Some snakes are associated with cunning and treachery, while others are representative of fertility, masculine power, or protection.

What Do Snakes Represent?

How you view a snake is typically defined through a cultural lens. In eastern societies,snakes are often associated with positive things, like wisdom and transformation, and are…

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