Death Grip – Narco Guns Adorned with Santa Muerte

Most Holy Death

By guest contributor Luciano Martucci*

The trend of drug lords having solid gold-plated guns has garnered much attention and controversy in recent years. From Instagram posts to movies and TV shows, the image of drug lords wielding gold-plated guns has become a symbol of their opulence and power. But what is the meaning behind this trend, and why do drug lords choose to adorn their guns with precious metals?

To understand the appeal of gold-plated guns, we must first understand the psychology of drug lords. These drug lords are not just in the business of selling drugs, but also of power and influence. Their wealth and status are not just measured in dollars and pesos, but also in the respect and fear they command from those around them. In this context, gold-plated guns become a way for drug lords to assert their dominance and signal their wealth and power.


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