What Is a Mystic – And Can You Be One? By 2Spirits


What Is a Mystic

There are many ways of following the mystical path in our Universe. In essence, a mystic is someone who seeks a truth or insight that goes beyond what is typically understood to be part of the human experience. He or she might or might not have received the insight they are seeking, and they might or might not have been initiated into any number of spiritual or religious mysteries. The shared quest for a transcendent truth that goes beyond purely intellectual thinking or knowing is what binds all such individuals together.

What Is a Mystic - Witch and Mother Earth

According to common perception, a mystic is typically someone who engages in esoteric activities or studies magic or the occult. Although those who engage in these behaviors may self-identify as such, not all of them involve such behaviors. It is challenging to define mysticism in terms other than the search for transcendent truth because it…

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