Tarot Spreads to Welcome 2023!

The Magickal Pen

2023 is just around the corner! Every year I share a tarot spread (or two) with everyone to seek information and awaken your intuitive senses to the possibilities of a brand new year.

The first offering is one that uses 12 cards, each covering an aspect of harmonious and balanced state of being. This spread was created for the 2022 year and the reduction applying numerology to the number “6” and its focus of harmony and balance. Although we are entering a number “7” year (2023=2+0+2+3=7), using this spread as a transition point of flow from 22 into 23 opens the way for the work of a year (#7) of exploring new paths and ways to learn and grow from this year’s experiences is always a good call.

Click on the link to learn more about this spread:

A Tarot Spread Seeking Harmony

The next Tarot spread aligns with each…

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