How to Conduct a Séance by Stephen Wagner

Renee Keith / Vetta / Getty Images

Throughout the Victorian age, parties that featured a séance were all the rage. Hosts would gather people together to contact the dead. In recent years, there has been increased skepticism towards séances. However, a lot of people continue to believe that making contact with the dead is possible.


If you’re planning to hold a séance in your own home, you need a few likeminded people and a few vital supplies.

When choosing participants, select people who believe in the possibility of communicating with the dead, skeptics can harm the séance’s chances of success. And because the experience can be intense, it is usually best to keep young children out of the circle.

Otherwise, all you need concerning supplies is a round or oval table, candle, and food. Both the candles and food are believed to attract spirits who are looking for warms and…

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