Santa Muerte Life Lessons – Carpe Diem and Memento Mori

Most Holy Death

By Federica Fiume

“Who’d be happy, let him be so: Nothing’s sure about tomorrow” wrote Lorenzo De ‘ Medici in 1490. He died two years later. The pursuit of happiness is the primary goal that unites all people of this world. But what is the nature of happiness? Let’s be clear – beyond all philosophizing good-heartedness, we all would like to enjoy material comfort. Money, Love, Fame, work career, etc. Life is a race for acquiring possessions – whether an object, or another human being. Sometimes, we even feel a little guilty about craving such trivial things. Yet we cannot fail to desire to drink from the cup of life with all its fleeting pleasures to the end, acutely aware of the shadow of Death that hangs over us.

Santa Muerte knows how to read the hearts of people. She understands our frailties and limitations. As a Holy Mother, she…

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