Are There Real-Life Vampires? The Vampire Lifestyle & Its Followers by Sally Painter

Portrait of a Vampire

Real vampires are nothing like legendary or literary vampires. Today’s real vampires defy all the rules and conventions of literature and myth. Before you get out your wooden stake, separate fact from fiction in regard to the vampires who may be living next door.

Real Vampire Communities

Real vampires exist as a sub-culture and a large networked community. For these individuals, vampirism isn’t a lifestyle choice. Real vampires believe they are born vampires and must feed off the energy of other humans in order to live. This energy is consumed through the ingesting of human blood or by feeding off the psychic energy of others.

Many members of the vampire community share lifestyle preferences with the Gothic community. In some tight-knit communities, there are certain blood-letting fetishes while other communities share a sadomasochism culture. In addition to these types of lifestyle choices within the vampire communities, there are many vampires…

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