Pagan vs. Wicca: What’s the Difference? By Janet Webster

pagan religion

Religion and spirituality have a deep history that goes far beyond the mainstream. This is especially true of Wicca and Paganism. Both of these are age-old traditions that are often used interchangeably. Though the two have similarities, Wicca and Paganism are separate religions.The two are interconnected and woven together. But there are also key differences. So what’s the difference between Wicca and a pagan religion?

Here are the key differences between the two you should know.

What Is the Pagan Religion?

To answer the question of what is paganism, you have to look back at the history of the religion. Historically, Pagans werethose who followed a polytheistic religion. These are religions with more than one god.

For example, ancient Romans and Greeks were pagans. The term often had a negative association with those who practiced monotheistic religions. Though now, “pagan” is no longer an insult in its primary usage.


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