Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut Interviews Dr. Cressida Stone on her new Santa Muerte Grimoire: “Secrets of Santa Muerte: A Guide to the Spells, Prayers, Rituals and Hexes.”

Most Holy Death

Dr R. Andrew Chesnut:

So Cressida you just published this new book on Santa Muerte, can you tell us who it is for, and why you wrote it?

Cressida Stone:

This book is about Santa Muerte, the Mexican folk saint of Death and is for devotees or people who are interested in learning how to work with Santa Muerte. To quote you Andrew, in your endorsement of my book, it “is the most complete of the spiritual guides on devotion to Santa Muerte”, including innumerable prayers, spells, rituals, omen guides, ceromancy and much more. I was compelled to write it following a beautiful dream of Santa Muerte in which she appeared in a gown of purple, whispering to me in the way only Death can that she wanted this book to be written, for me to share the beauty of her mysticism, her magic to others so that they too…

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