What’s a Sun Witch? By Lady Alethea


It seems like all witches are obsessed with the moon, but that is definitely not the case.

Image byklimkinfromPixabay

Ifyou’ve read up on Wicca or witchcraft at all, you’ve probably come across mentions of the moon and drawing its power more than once. But what about the sun? Why do more witches seem to be drawn to the moon than the great ball of fire none of us could live without? Well, it turns out there is really no answer for that, so we decided to take some time to give sun witches the spotlight for a change– After all, the moon would not have any reflective energy without the sun!

It’s easy to see why so many witches live their lives by the moon: Each year contains 13 moon cycles, and for female witches, these cycles have a direct connection with our bodies and how they…

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