Saint Death Saved My Life – French Santa Muerte Devotee Recovers from a Stroke

Most Holy Death

The English translation is followed by the original French text.

It was on a hot summer night that my second dream took place. In the first one, the Lady in Black had appeared to me many years before, but I was so terrified that I didn’t actually respond to her call. I was scared to death, but I felt protected too, it was a funny feeling!

The second time was different. I was terrified too but it seemed to me that she was telling me of her impatience. She needed an answer and right away! Once that I had more or less recovered from my emotions, I called the chapel dedicated to her in France and there was a nice surprise, I was told that it was a good omen and a very powerful dream. This dream changed my life… well rather my death…

So I started to gather objects…

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