Son of Santa Muerte and Devil’s Disciple – The Black Bishop of Pachuca is the Driving Force Behind the Rise of Satanism in Mexico

Most Holy Death

It took 13 years but I finally made it to the most impressive Santa Muerte temple that I have ever visited in over a decade of research. Founded 20 years ago by the charismatic devotional and political leader Oscar Pelcastre, the Catedral de la Santa Muerte Sonorita in Pachuca is a sprawling three-story complex which used to be a local popular market before the Black Bishop (Obispo Negro) converted it into a Santa Muerte worship center.

While the name of the temple reflects the origins and first 16 years of the Cathedral, it no longer is dedicated exclusively to worshiping the White Girl. Four years ago the enterprising Santa Muertero felt it was time to introduce another even more controversial spiritual figure to the temple. Among the hundreds of life-size statues of Saint Death are scores of effigies of the Devil, often referred to as the Angelito Negro (Little Black…

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