Origins and Uses of the Crystal Ball By Lisa Jo Rudy

JHands hovering over a crystal ballohn M Lund Photography Inc / Getty Images

Crystal balls are spheres of leaded glass or transparent stone, usually about the size of a grapefruit, used for “scrying,” or seeing the unseen. Crystallomancy (the art of using crystal balls for scrying) allows the seer to uncover mysteries and secrets, peer into the future, communicate with spirits and angels, or, in some cases, communicate with the dead. There is no evidence that crystallomancy has any scientific validity, but it has nevertheless been popular for millennia in civilizations around the world.

Key Takeaways: Origins and Uses of Crystal Balls
Crystal balls are flawless, highly polished spheres made of glass, leaded glass, or stone.
Crystal balls and similar reflective surfaces have been used for fortune-telling and other occult purposes (scrying) for thousands of years.
Crystal gazers have advised monarchs, presidents, and other important leaders.
While there are many people who use crystal…

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