Mugwort Magic Properties & Uses by The Otherworldly Oracle (aka Kitty)

Mugwort Magic Properties & 6 Powerful Uses


Mugwort Magic Properties & 6 Powerful Uses

Mugwort is one of this witch’s favorite magical herbs. I know I’m not alone as a mugwort fanatic! Witches have used mugwort for centuries magically and medicinally for a multitude of reasons. Learn all about mugwort, mugwort’s magical properties and 6 witchy uses.

What is Mugwort?

Mugwort, species Artemisia vulgaris, is a flowering perennial herb with a long history in the medical and magical realms. Notice anything special about the genus name Artemisia?Artemis-ia. Artemisia is a popular Greek name for girls and means “Gift ofArtemis”, tying this powerful herb to the Wild Goddess of the Hunt herself. Mugwort grows wild throughout Europe, Asia and North America and has been used for culinary, magical and medicinal purposes for centuries.

Mugwort As Food & Medicine

In Europe, mugwort is used to flavor…

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