🌌Full Taurus Moon with Lunar Eclipse🌌

Divination by MiMi

November 19th at 27 degrees 14 minutes of Taurus

Here we have the culmination of effort and focus placed on a situation or project. In addition we have the boost of the Lunar Eclipse to highlight and refocus this effort.

What projects are winding up for you? What’s coming to an end? Did you finish a financial project? Have you set in stone your value system? Are you recovering from plastic surgery? Did you break up with your partner? Whatever the case maybe you will find that as you wrap these projects up, there is a gem of wisdom in the event and this Eclipse snaps that wisdom into focus to allow you greater understanding of the events in question.

Our Tarot Card for this decan of Taurus is :
7 of Pentacles.
We have invested time and effort in our projects and now take the time to assess and…

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